"Entlich hatte ich gar die Verwegenheit, ..." (Finally I dared to ...)

This is how Fasch described his interest in, and focus on writing music that was in vogue during his lifetime.

The International Fasch Society Zerbst was founded in 1991. Its goals are twofold: 1) to research the lives of the Anhalt-Zerbst Kapellmeister Johann Friedrich Fasch (1688-1758) and of his son Carl Friedrich Christian Fasch (1736-1800), who was born in Zerbst and made a name for himself in music history by founding the Singakademie zu Berlin; 2) to popularize their neglected works by commissioning performing editions and organizing music festivals. The International Fasch Society contributes much to emphasize the importance of Central German Baroque Music in an international context. The "Freundeskreis J. F. Fasch" and later the "Arbeitskreis Johann Friedrich Fasch" in Zerbst and the Musicological Institute at the Kloster Michaelstein (Blankenburg/Harz) already promoted Fasch during the 1980s; the first Fasch Festival took place in 1983.


  • We hope you will enjoy the new issue of our newsletter Faschiana (August 2017)!

  • The next meeting of the IFS Executive Board is scheduled to take place on 26 October 2017, 6:30 pm, meeting room, Stadtverwaltung Zerbst.
  • We are very sorry to hear about the passing of 2015 Fasch Prize recipient Ludger Rémy on 21 June 2017. He will be sorely missed. An obituary is included in the the 2017 issue of Faschiana (see above).
  • The 14th International Fasch Festival took place in Zerbst/Anhalt, Germany, from 20-23 April 2017. The overall motto was be "From Luther to Fasch". The 2017 Fasch Prize was awarded to Prof. Dr. Manfred Fechner (Jena), who has shaped Fasch scholarship like none other. For more information regarding the festival programme, concerts, ensembles, etc., click on the "Fasch Festival" link above.To download a copy of the schedule of the international scholarly conference (21 to 22 April 2017, "Fasch and the Confessional Landscape of his Day", in German), click here. A detailed account is included in the 2017 issue of Faschiana (see above).
  • The 2015 Conference Report (Fasch Studies vol. 13) appeared in spring 2016 (ortus-Musikverlag). The volume is entitled: "Zerbst during Fasch's tenure [as Kapellmeister] - an Anhalt Court of the Muses". It contains 16 articles; 3 are in English, and all articles contain abstracts in German or English. The final article (on Fasch's printed biographies from 1732 and 1757) is a "bonus". You can find the Table of Contents here. See also Brian Clark's review of the volume in the 2016 issue of Faschiana.

  • Faschiana
    The 2017 issue of our newsletter - 14 pages in all! - appeared on 08 August. Enjoy!