Our office:
Wiekhaus, Breitestein 74A
Tel./Fax: +49-(0)3923-784772;
E-Mail: IFaschG (at)

  • General manager: Dr. Inge Werner
  • Musicologist: Antje Deicke, antjedeicke (at)

Office hours:
M-F, 8 am-2 pm, closed on weekends and statutory holidays as well as limited office hours during the summer months. Otherwise, you can reach us via voice mail and e-mail at any time.

Mailing address:
Internationale Fasch-Gesellschaft e.V.
PF 11 13
39251 Zerbst/Anhalt Germany

The 2016 issue of our newsletter - 16 pages in all! - appeared on 28 July. Enjoy!